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                Hi, Welcome to our website.
                24h*7 Hotline
                0755-29941300 13823711712
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                Pre-sale Service
                Commitment to any product quality problems, immediate and unconditional return, all costs borne by the manufacturers.
                Sale Service
                Provide free market analysis, guidance, training. When the customer warehouse backlog of products, help customers deal with unsalable inventory.
                After-sale Service
                Implementation of customized sales, with their own fleet of delivery, with the fastest speed the products delivered to your hands, protect you can the fastest construction work.
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                About us

                Shenzhen Haifeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, formerly known as "Shenzhen Longxin Door Industry Co., Ltd." is a set of materials sales, decorations, engineering design, installation of an integrated company, Professional undertake the production and installation of all types of different materials, different surface treatment of stainless steel retractable door, automatic retractable doors, remote contro...


                Industry News Haifeng Consulting

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                Main performance of Bao′an translational responsive door / installation cost consultation of Bluetooth controlled automatic door installation ...
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                • 0755-29941300
                • 13823711712